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Calculator with undo / redo
Check & correct your calculations. No more re-entering everything after a single mistake.
Dual main and memory displays
Work more quickly - see both the main calculator value and the memory value.
Multiple Themes
Including support for dark mode
Copy/paste from both displays
Paste in values from other apps, and copy your results to emails, text editors, and other apps.
macOS version
Includes keyboard support, Mac menus, preferences, full Mac help
iOS version
Left-handed / right-handed landscape modes, in-app help, in-app settings

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Includes standard calculator operations, and also:-

Trigonometric Functions (macOS,iOS)

sin - sine function cos - cosine function tan - tangent function

Inverse Trigonometric Functions (macOS,iPadOS)

sin⁻¹ - arcsin / inverse sine cos⁻¹ - arccos / inverse cosine tan⁻¹ - arctan / inverse tangent

Hyperbolic Functions (macOS,iPadOS)

sinh - hyperbolic sine cosh - hyperbolic cosine tanh - hyperbolic tangent

Inverse Hyperbolic Functions (macOS,iPadOS)

sinh⁻¹ - arcsinh/inverse hyperbolic sine cosh⁻¹ - arccosh/inverse hyperbolic cosine tanh⁻¹ - arctanh/inverse hyperbolic tangent

Extended calculator functions for macOS / iPad


Dedicated buttons for π, ln, log₂, log₁₀, √, ∛, ∜, x√, x², x³, xⁿ, 2ⁿ, 8ⁿ, 10ⁿ, 16ⁿ, ℯ, ℯⁿ

Random/dice - generate random numbers, and simulate a 6-sided dice

Temperature conversions

and more …

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